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Our Story

What’s in a story? Well, everything as far as we are concerned. We are hugely proud of our Greek heritage and of over 65 years experience in producing premium quality, fresh, live yogurts.

Founded in central London in 1949 by our uncle, Euripides Nicolaou, and our father, Michael Timotheou, we continue to be a family run business with a love of making yogurt. Believe it or not, the main ingredients of our business have not changed in all that time – they are still a total commitment to quality and an overall passion for what we do.

It all began by making good quality homemade natural yogurts and desserts which were supplied to local delicatessens, restaurants and bars. Since that time the company has grown steadily on those founding principles, chiefly supplying yogurts to the foodservice sector and in 1996 we relocated the Dairy to our current site in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

So many people over the years have contacted us to ask where they could buy our yogurt that we simply had to get more of them into the shops. In 2009 we were thrilled to launch our range of yogurts for retail to complement our list for the foodservice and ingredients sectors. These are now widely available so that you and your family can enjoy them on a daily basis.

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