Market Presence

We are passionate about making yogurt, crème fraiche and soured cream for all market sectors including retail, wholesale, foodservice, private label and supplying fresh ingredients to food manufacturers.

Our products are now supplied nationwide through independent retail outlets, delicatessens, farm shops, major retailers, online retailers such as Ocado and Goodness Direct; in schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants; plus other business enterprises such as airlines and private company canteens.

With over 65 years experience we have the necessary knowledge and capability needed to develop new dairy product ideas and to drive new product innovation. As such, we are able to produce unique products specifically tailored to your requirements.

Our Brand

The Tims Dairy brand includes two ranges - our foodservice range and our retail range.

The foodservice range has seen exciting growth over the years and has recently undergone a full range packaging update to further enhance its penetration into key foodservice sectors.

The retail range was developed and launched in May 2009 as a direct response to positive consumer feedback and a desire to be able to purchase our products on the high street. The products are inspired by today’s consumer trends and meet high standards in terms of shelf presence, variety, health benefits, provenance and cultural authenticity.

Both ranges include natural yogurts, Greek style yogurts, wholemilk and low fat yogurts in fruit variants; the foodservice range includes a virtually fat free selection.

We also offer a range of cultured creams, such as crème fraiche and soured cream, which are available in catering sizes for foodservice and bulk packs for food ingredients.

Private Label

Tims Dairy has made yogurts for many niche brands and is able to respond to private label enquiries with knowledge and an excellent depth of expertise.

The flexibility in our production methods and equipment ensure that we can create premium products to meet our customer’s needs, and we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients and maintaining the highest standards in all our manufacturing processes.

Attention to detail and customer service are essential to our success and we offer a flexible, innovative service that inspires confidence from the individual consumer to the larger company.

To make an enquiry please email us at 

Tims Dairy Limited
Anglo House
Bell Lane Office Village
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Little Chalfont

T: 01494 541890