We always love to hear your positive comments about us and here are a few things that people say about the yogurts we make.

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"Hi all at Tims Dairy. I just want to tell you how delicious I find your yogurt. Our local Waitrose stock a small selection of flavours( just Greek style with honey and the Vanilla flavour). It is vastly superior to any other Greek type yogurts I have tried and I am speaking from Jersey the home of the famous cows,whereour own Jersey yogurt is also pretty amazing. Keep up the good work. 🐂🐂🐂 x"
Anne Garnier 

"Hi Tims Dairy. I am sat at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon eating straight from a pot of your amazing Greek style yoghurt with vanilla, and I couldn't be happier! Its my absolute favourite and even my children think its the best dessert on the planet!"
Helen Long 

"I'm from Greece and I live in London. I have to say that all your products are amazing! After eating yogurts in Greece all my life I have never tasted a better yogurt than yours. Thank you so much."
Olga Mavropoulou

"Straight from my yogheart - your yogurt is the best I've ever tasted and I know good yogurt."

"Just wanted to say that I have just eaten one of your Greek style Yogurts with honey at my desk at work & I wanted to tell you, best yogurt I've ever tasted. Fab, now a convert! I don't think I've ever praised a food before, but yours is certainly worthy of praise."
Lucy Lingley 

Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt - "This is not just Greek yogurt, the public need to know more on the label - it doesn't contain thickeners yet it's as thick as double cream and a perfect substitute for high calorie toppings. Natural vanilla is not scrimped on, it's full of flavour in every mouthful, the tiny seeds add interest and the finest texture. Definitely a luxury tasting product to impress guests with!"
Sarah Newton 

"I have just left a 5* review of your Greek style vanilla yoghurt on the Ocado website, but felt I needed to contact you directly to rave about your product too."
Nicola Clarke 

"I love the yogurts from Tims Dairy, I have tried most in the UK and none are close to how lovely they are."
Thomas Coward 

"Beautiful beautiful yogurt! Thank you!"
Sue Hatch

"I just thought I would write to let you know that we think your Greek yogurt with honey is absolutely divine and the most delicious yoghurt we have ever had! Keep up the good work"
Barbara Phipps 

"I just wanted to say I cannot live without your Greek Style Honey Yogurt. It is honestly the best thing on this planet."
Ishbel Cumming

"I've only recently discovered your Greek-style yogurt, which is like no other I've ever tasted - wonderful! Well done!"
Robert Wall 

"I really felt the need to send you a email because I am so happy with your yogurt. Last year I came across your Spring Dew in a local west London shop and have been purchasing it ever since, I find the taste crisp and refreshing, I would say without a doubt it's the best yogurt I have ever tasted.!
Paul Newbury

"Just had my first pot of your yoghurt - a greek- style with honey- and absolutely loved it. Just like being back in Sitia in 1979! The best yoghurt I have ever eaten, so thanks  very much for being so good at it!"
Cary Outis 

"We have tried your 500g Greek style yogurt on offer at Waitrose and can honestly say it is the best we have tasted, so creamy. My husband loves Greek yogurt and he certainly gave your product the thumbs up!!. I will be buying more..."
Louise Ludgate 

"I tried your vanilla Greek yogurt today for the first time and I have to say it was seriously the best yogurt I've ever had!"
Sophie Edwards

"I purchased a pot of your vanilla yogurt and I just wanted  to let you know that I thought it was the best Greek style yogurt I have EVER tasted"
Jo Brooker 

"Never have I tasted such delicious Greek style yogurt. It is totally yummy and nothing else compares. Just discovered in Waitrose. Just cross I've found you only now. Will tweet my find! Brilliant."
Ali Cuthbert

"Although I sound like a "Yo-Nut" (self-titled name for someone who is crazy for yogurt), or just a nutcase, I've actually never written to any company praising their produce before. Your yogurt ought to come with a warning about how good it is!"
Lisa Foster 

"We have a shop in Hastings (Roomings furnishers) and I eat your amazing Greek yoghurt every day I am here, we get it from Penbuckles in the Old Town High Street.  Just wanted to let you know I think it is just the best yoghurt I ever ate – well done to Tim’s Dairy for a simply marvellous product."
Geoff Martin 

"I was desperate for something sweet but vaguely healthy last night and bought one of your yogurts - I can honestly say it was the best yogurt I've ever ever had.  Thank you! "
Susanna Harrison

"I just thought I’d email to tell you how completely delicious your yoghurts are, particularly the Greek range.  I know it sounds completely trite but I adore yoghurt, eat so much of it, but yours are  by far and away the best.  I really love them."

Clara Womersley

"I live in Bermuda and recently purchased your Greek yogurt at my local supermarket.  I wanted you to know that it is the best I have ever tasted.  There are times when only American products are available so it is wonderful to be able to enjoy such a quality product from my homeland."
Susan Madeiros 

"I’ve just eaten my first Tims Dairy yoghurt and it blew me away, absolutely superb! Its thicker, its so much more tasty, its like cream, I am a new, loyal customer."
Joanna Oliver 

"Just a quick note to say how wonderful the two new products are. The Greek Raspberry is delicious and the Tiny Tims went down extremely well with my 7 year old son and 11 year old daughter, both agreeing it was the best kids yogurt they had ever had..quite an accolade!"
James Stuart
Woods Wines Limited 

"I just wanted to congratulate you on such a fabulous product!  I have been enjoying your Greek style yogurts for a few months now (ever since I picked them up on promotion at Ocado) so I wanted to say thanks and well done, they are lovely.  It makes such a nice change from the artificially thickened rubbish that most dairies call yogurt!"
Helen Pattinson
Co-founder & Director of Montezuma's Chocolate

"I came across your yoghurts at Whole Foods in London for the first time today and have just tasted the Greek style Yoghurt with Honey - let me just say it is DELICIOUS!!"
Suparna Malhotra

"I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your yogurt - particularly the honey one. I think all local shops should stock it. I first bought some at Village Day, Little Chalfont in June 2009 and I have to go to Budgens Chorleywood to get my regular fix. Thanks for such gorgeous stuff!"
Fiona Lee

"Just a note to say that I recently started buying your yogurt in Ocado, purely by accident and it is absolutely delicious. I'm only sorry I can't get it in Waitrose. We get through 4 large pots a week and love it, so keep up the good work and I hope you are able to get more stockists in West Kent!"
Manuela Alfageme

"I bought some of your Greek style yogurt yesterday from Seasons in Old Amersham. Just wanted to say, we all thought it tasted deeeelicious!!"
Jacqueline Forrest

"I have recently bought some of your Greek yoghurt with honey from our local Budgens store in Lightwater. This was the first time I have seen and tried your yoghurt and just had to let you know how delicious my husband and I thought it was. It has such a lovely silky texture as well as a divine flavour, we'll certainly be buying it again and we'll be trying some of your other products as well. I like to support British industry where I can and also try to buy local products so your yoghurts fit the bill nicely."
Anne Pritchard

"I was staying at Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant in Padstow, and really enjoyed your Greek yogurt on their breakfast menu."
Alison Horne

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