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Wholemilk Range

Our wholemilk range of yogurts is made with fresh British milk, cream, and live cultures, for pots packed with delicious taste and the best in wholesome natural goodness.

We use the live cultures Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Ideal for breakfast, as a dessert, a tasty snack or in a fruit smoothie, also an excellent addition to any packed lunch or picnic. Our toffee yogurt is particularly good in this delicious cake recipe.

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Wholemilk Black Cherry
Yogurt 150g

Wholemilk Strawberry
Yogurt 150g

Wholemilk Toffee
Yogurt 150g

wm-04.jpg wm-05.jpg

Wholemilk Raspberry
Yogurt 150g

Multipack of 4 Wholemilk
Yogurts 600g
(4 x 150g)


























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